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Verolec Non GMO IP (Lecithin)

Our flagship product, VEROLEC Non GMO IP is a standard soya lecithin passed through 25 years of experience before delivering our customers the best in class, standardized perfected in microbiology and adopted to the highest level of customer requirements.

We deliver our customers round the year and around the world from 3 different continents, our VEROLEC Non GMO IP standard soya lecithin.

VEROLEC Non GMO IP products is recommended for following applications:
  1. Chocolate
  2. Chewing Gum
  3. Sugar Confectionary
  4. Baby Foods , Dietetics & Pharmacy
  5. Chemical Industry

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Verolec Non GMO IP (Lecithin)
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Verolec Non GMO IP DB (Lecithin)
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Verolec INS (Instalizing Agent)
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Verolec HE 60 (Lyso Lecithin)
Verolec HE 60 Top (Lyso Lecithin)
Verolec HE 70 (Lyso Lecithin)
Verolec HE 70 Top (Lyso Lecithin)
Verolec HE 85 (Lyso Lecithin)
Verolec MS(Lyso Lecithin)
Myveron Plus (Powder)
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