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Soya Lecithin

Soy lecithin is comprised of 3 types of phospholipids - Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylethanolamine and Phosphotidylinositol. It is produced from soybean oil and is particularly used as an organic emulsifier in a number of food applications.

Soya Lecithin Processing

Lecithin is a blend of organically occurring phospholipids, which are usually extracted during the refinement of soybean oil. The soybeans are tempered by maintaining them at a constant atmosphere and level of moisture for about 7 to 10 days. This method hydrates the soybeans and frees up the shell. The soy beans are then cleaned and chipped into small pieces and the hulls are separated from the broken beans. Next, the soybean sections are heated up and constrained into flakes. Soybean oil is obtained from the flakes using a distillation procedure and lecithin is separated from the oil by the addition of water and centrifugation or steam precipitation.

Soya Lecithin Benefits

Soy Lecithin is used in a wide selection of foods in a variety of industrial applications. The French scientist, Maurice Gobley, initially identified the substance in 1850, and referred to it as "lekithos," which is the Greek term for egg yolk. During the time, eggs offered a primary source of commercially-produced lecithin. Nowadays, the vast majority of lecithin utilized in food applications comes from soybeans. Soy lecithin offers a multipurpose, flexible and adaptable tool. It is usually most widely known for its emulsifying qualities that help promote solidity in margarine and supply steady texture to dressings as well as other creamy products.

Lecithin is also included in chocolates and coatings and also to counteract spattering during baking. Furthermore, its unique lipid molecular composition makes lecithin ideal for pharmaceutical and cosmetic solutions as well as other industrial uses for example paints, fabrics, lubricants and waxes.

Soya Lecithin Supplier

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