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Roti Plus

Roti plus is Pure Soya Enzymatic Modified Liquid; Improves Roti's Freshness, longer shelf life, gives additional Nutritional Value & Health Benefits.

Indian Bread is generally famous and known as Roti / Chapati / Fulka / Paratha etc.. Normally roti become hard when kept in atmosphere. Roti in our daily office tifin become hard when kept for long time.

Addition of Roti Plus avoids the hardness of roti in atmosphere or in Tiffin. Roti Plus gives more softness to roti for long time. One more advantages of Roti Plus is Non sticky dough. Roti Plus retains the moisture continents in the starch-gluten network & avoids the retrogradation of starch to become hard.

This products is recommended for following applications:
  1. Roti, Chapati & Khakra
  2. Samosa & Kachori
  3. Fursan, Fafada & Namkeen
  4. Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers
  5. Bread & Pav
  6. Pastry & Cake
  7. Milk Products


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