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Food Product Release

VEROLEC is standardized Soya Lecithin contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic group i.e. polar and non-polar. The lecithin molecules form a barrier between the food product and the pan/mold. An interface is formed between the non-polar oil release food product and the polar groups of the pan.

Lecithin-oil mixture is used as a release agent in various foods. Also mixture of Lecithin & Oil directly on pans and molds made to facilitate the separation. Lecithin as a surfactant forms a thin and homogeneous layer separation, as with oils alone can not be achieved.

Pan and mold release:

In bakery and confectionary applications the sticking of food products on pans, tins, molds and belts are common. Lecithin is used for removal of sticking materials from hot or cold surfaces of moulds and pans. Also prevents sticking of products to each other. The dosage on oil basis varies between 5 to 15%.

Hot surface release:

Oil with lecithin developed for better release, non-sticking of the food from hot surfaces. This also controls the formation of the final shape and dimensions of the end product. Ex. Release of Dosa from hot pan.


  • Easy food product release
  • Good anti-sticking power
  • Highly surface-active
  • Dissolved in oil
  • Dissolved in water
  • Easy removal of sticking products from hot/cold surfaces of moulds
  • Prevents foods from sticking together
  • Lower caloric level than oil
Applications :
Sugar Confectionary
Bread & Pav
Pastry & Cake
Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers
Ice Cream
Roti, Chapati & khakra
Samosa & Kachori
Fursan, Fafada & Namkeen
Milk Products
Instant Products
Food Product Release
Baby Foods , Dietetics & Pharmacy
Animal Feed
Chemical Industry

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