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Myveron Plus ( Powder)

MYVERON PLUS is a concentrated free-flowing powder with a very high content of lecithin highly hydrolyzed. It is an excellent source of Phospholipids and lysophospholipids.

MYVERON PLUS is used as an ingredient in animal nutrition to provide the phospholipid needed by various species of land & sea animals and to impart proper physical characteristics to the final diet.

MYVERON PLUS is needed in animal diets:

- for growth enhancement.
- for effective utilization of lipids such as triglycerides & cholesterol.
- proven important to the Omega 3 fatty acid ratio in the reproductive process.
- a correlation has been identified between broodstock reproductive performances & fattyacid patterns of the diet.
- important during larval development to insure successful development and survival.
- for postulated retardation of leaching of water soluble components.
- for enhancement of solubilization of certain fats.

It is used in calf feeding, poultry and piglets improving digestibility of fats, increasing weight gain and improving health.

This product is recommended for following applications:

Animal Feed - ( Give link to Animal Feed applications same as Verolec HE 85)


25 Kg net paper bags with inner polyethylene bag.

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