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Verolec INS (Instalizing Agent)

VEROLEC INS is an instantizing agent and is most suitable for all instant food applications.

VEROLEC INS covers the fat particles with a hydrophilic film, allowing the water to wet and disintegrate the agglomerates.

Due to its low viscosity, the product is easily incorporated by nozzle spraying, giving a more homogeneous coating and a better distribution than with standard lecithin.

All the components, exception made of cocoa powder, are preblended and sprayed on with a portion of VEROLEC INS. Afterwards, cocoa powder is added and the rest of VEROLEC INS sprayed on. If products are agglomerated previously, VEROLEC INS can be added all at once.

VEROLEC INS is instating Agent applied in instant products that contain cocoa powder,

This products is recommended for following applications:
  1. Instant Coffee
  2. Instant nutritional Powders
  3. High Protein Beverages
  4. Dry Instant products
  5. Dairy & non dairy powdered Products


5 kg and 30 kg jerry cans, 200 Kg open head drums and 1000 kg containers.

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