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Verolec HE 85 (Lyso Lecithin)

Recent addition to our product catalogue, our VEROLEC HE 85 is a fine modified lecithin with various applications in animal nutrition.

The digestion and Absorption of nutrients is important particularly in poultry due to small G. I. Tract, which gives less passage time, i.e. 2 hours maximum.

Use of standard lecithin hinders absorption of fat and fat soluble vitamins.

To overcome these problems, a product is required which has higher polarity. This could be obtained by hydrolyzing standard lecithin.

More hydrolysis of lecithin will not serve the purpose. Standard lecithin which is enzymatic hydrolyzed by highly technical process, gives consistent and desired end results.

VEROLEC HE 85 is such a unique product containing LYSOPHOSPATIDYL CHOLINE having HL B value 8-11 with more polar nature and hence highly soluble in water. Verolec HE is also good growth & weight enhancer.

This product is in high demand from poultry and aqua feed industry

This products is recommended for following applications:
  1. Animal Feed

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