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Verolec HE 70 (Lyso Lecithin)

VEROLEC HE 70 is a special hydrolysed soya lecithin much more hydrophilic than native lecithin and designed for its use when high polarity lecithin is required.

VEROLEC HE 70 has been desined to be used for the production of biscuits.

Some of its properties and functions are:
• Dough conditioner. Better workability and machinability.
• Emulsifier. Right distributation of the fat within the dough.
• Wetting and dispersing agent. Merrging of solids parrticles (starch) and other flour components in the dough.
• Release effect during stamp out stage.
• It improve the texture and crispiness.
• It allows reducing between 20 to 30 % the fat content without changes in the biscuits shape and crispiness. It also permits to incerase the total fibre content of the biscuits (dietetic biscuits)
• Effective to replace synthetic emulsifier as DATEM and SSL.

30 kg jerry cans, 200 kg open head drums and 1000 kg containers.

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