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Lecitina De Soja

Soy lecithin, more commonly known as Soy bean lecithin was first discovered in the 1930s. At the time of its discovery, this Soy lecithin was a compound that was extracted from sludge. It was the by-product of soybean oil processing. Of course, decades before that, to be more precise since 1850s, lecithin was already discovered in egg yolk. At that time, most of the commercial lecithin sold in the market was egg lecithin. But then with the emergence and inception of this soy lecithin, a shift has occurred.

This soy lecithin being derived from a plant, such as soy bean lecithin, is regarded as safer to use as compared to those that are being extracted from animals. Being extracted from plants, many people, vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians are more inclined towards its consumption. This is because animal lecithin is often excreted from the kidney and contains toxins as well as several other harmful compounds. For this particular and several other reasons, this soy lecithin has, to some extent, replaced egg lecithin from being the major source of this Lecitina De Soja compound.

Lecitina De Soja is nothing but the Spanish term used for Soy Lecithin which is also an essential nutrient that is desperately needed by the body. Perhaps, the greatest advantage of this soy lecithin is on the human body as this is essential component that facilitates the smooth functioning of body in order to keep it rolling every day. Not only for humans, but there are recent studies that supports the assumption that this soy lecithin is also beneficial for poultry and aqua animals.

Being the principal components of cellular membranes, lecithin has a high linking and penetration capability. Thus, it helps in transporting the active components into the epidermis, rendering skin and hair a pleasant feel. Itís because of the chemical affinity of lecithin that it acts as an emulsifier in several cosmetic preparations including, day creams, shampoos, body-milk, lipstick, make-up cosmetics, bath and shower gels, etc. Itís only the natural and vegetable origin of soy lecithin that gives it a clear advantage over other synthetic products.

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