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Ice Cream

Ice Cream is both foam & emulsion system. Emulsifier & stabilizer are used to make stable & good quality ice cream. Ice-creams process consists of mixing, pasteurization, homogenization, ageing, freezing & packaging.

In homogenization stage larger fat globules broken into small fat globules with uniform mixing. Stabilization of these fat globules is very important after break down. Emulsifier having high HLB value emulsifies & stabilizes fat globules. Verolec HE is water soluble & having 8-11 HLB value performs better in combination with other emulsifier. Due to such fine emulsion quality of ice cream gets improved.

Advantages of  VEROLEC HE in Ice-cream:

  • Increases melting points of Ice-cream.
  • Fine emulsion of all ingredients.
  • Stabilization of fat globules which breaks into homogenization of milk.
  • Improvement in ice-cream structure.
  • Increases the foam formation.
  • More stable at atmospheric temperature than normal Ice-Cream.
  • Promotes fat crystallization in freezing.
  • Uniform distribution of fat globules.

Frozen foods:

Frozen Bread & Pastry:

VEROLEC HE can be also applied in frozen bread and pastry due to all advantages mentioned in Baked Foods, particularly due to the improvement to the extensibility of the dough. It has been also proved that yeast remains alive in greater extension through the use of lecithin, which covers and protects the cells.

Frozen Samosa:

VEROLEC HE reduces 30-50 % of oil in samosa recipe. Also it gives more crispiness to the products.
Applications :
Sugar Confectionary
Chewing Gum
Bread & Pav
Pastry & Cake
Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers
Ice Cream
Roti, Chapati & khakra
Samosa & Kachori
Fursan, Fafada & Namkeen
Milk Products
Instant Products
Food Product Release
Baby Foods , Dietetics & Pharmacy
Animal Feed
Chemical Industry

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