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Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers

Biscuit, Cookies & Crackers are chemically leavened products. Verolac HE plays important role in

Improving Dough properties:

  • Achieves smooth and more extensible dough.
  • Avoid breakage of dough.
  • Anti-sticking dough.
  • Reduces mixing time.
  • Allows to work with high dough temperature.
  • Reduces energy in mixing process.

Dough on Extensograph:

Without Roti Plus

With Roti Plus

  Energy Extensibility
Control 99,5cm2 92 mm
Lysolecithin 126,5cm2 133 mm

Improve your release effect from mould/rotary dye:

  • Biscuits do not stick to moulder.
  • Avoids use of Release Agents
  • Avoid stickiness of the mass in moulds.
  • Improving cutting & appearances.
  • Improving texture & complex impression.
This effect is very useful in waffle production, in which a high iron-grid release is required

Reduce Your Fat:

  • The greasiness of high shortening levels is reduced by the addition of small amounts of Roti Plus.
  • Reduce 20 to 30% the fat content without any change in the biscuit shape and texture.
  • Best in Dietetic biscuit, cookies & crackers.
  • Increases fibers contents without problems in production.
  • Maintain same cohesive & fine structure of product.

This fat reduction gives a better eating quality and consumer acceptance, mainly within the market of dietetic products.

Recommended Dose: 0.6% - 1 % on Wheat flour basis. i.e. 6-10g for 1 kg wheat flour.

How to use: It may be added with shorting at the creaming stage for fine emulsification.

Applications :
Sugar Confectionary
Chewing Gum
Bread & Pav
Pastry & Cake
Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers
Ice Cream
Roti, Chapati & khakra
Samosa & Kachori
Fursan, Fafada & Namkeen
Milk Products
Instant Products
Food Product Release
Baby Foods , Dietetics & Pharmacy
Animal Feed
Chemical Industry

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