Samosa, Kachori & other Wheat flour based products

Major ingredient in Samosa, kachori is Refiend wheat flour (Maida). Starch & gluten is major components in Refiend wheat flour. Roti Plus acts on the network of Starch & gluten. Roti plus molecules reinforced in starch-gluten networks & make stronger network. Strong network give good textural properties of products. Roti plus is anti-sticking agents so dough become soft & easy for handling. It reduces 30-40 % oil content in process.


Advantages of Roti Plus in Samosa & Kachori:

  • Dough becomes soft.
  • Moeing time is reduced.
  • Uniform distribution of oil in samosa.
  • Crispiness property of samosa gets increased for long time.
  • Crispiness of samosa increases.
  • Avoid hard texture in product.
  • 35-40 % Cost reduction in vegetable ghee.
  • Natural & Digestive. .

These advantages are applicable not only for samosa & kachori but also for all Maida based products.

Advantages of Roti plus in Roti plus / Chapati / Fulka etc:


General/Ordinary Process:
1. Take 1 kg of refined wheat flour & use 200-210 grams Vegetable ghee for 1 kg Refined wheat flour.
2. During adding ghee they required time to mix uniform in Refined wheat flour (Moeing).
3. Then they make dough & shapes of Samosa.
4. Finally frying in oil.

Modified Process with Roti Plus:

  1. Take 1kg weighted wheat flour & 100-110 grams of Vegetable ghee.
  2. Take required quantity of water & add about 8gram Roti plus in it  (Roti Plus procedure here)
  3. Also add half quantity of oil in water-Roti plus mixture because Roti Plus has HLB 8-11/20 means it has also oil loving groups. Due to this small small oil droplets are formed and uniformly dispersed in to water. After adding all this we require stirring to mix all uniformly.
  4. Add remaining oil & this emulsion in to Maida & make dough.
  5. Finally, Shaping of Samosa & frying in oil.

deal For all maida based products:

• Samosa
• Kachori
• Rolls
• Patodi