Roti / Chapati / Fulaka / Paratha

Indian Bread is generally famous and known as Roti / Chapati / Fulka / Paratha etc.. Normally roti become hard when kept in atmosphere. Roti in our daily office tifin become hard when kept for long time.

Addition of Roti Plus avoids the hardness of roti in atmosphere or in Tiffin. Roti Plus gives more softeness to roti for long time. One more advantages of Roti Plus is Non sticky dough. Roti Plus retains the moisture continents in the starch-gluten network & avoids the retrogradation of starch to become hard.

Health Benefits:

Roti Plus is natural Soyabean product having omega-3 & omega-6 essential fatty acids. Roti plus continent Phosphatidylcholine which is essential phospholipids. Roti plus improves the digestion power of Body.

Advantages of Roti plus in Roti plus / Chapati / Fulka etc:

  • Softness of roti increases for long time.
  • Shelf life of roti increases.
  • Dough becomes non sticky.
  • Natural food additive.
  • Source of essential fatty acids & phospholipids
  • Improve digestibility.
  • Value addition to roti.

Good Effect in Roti plant:

Normally roti manufactured by the automatic machine is hard than roti by hands. The Roti plus avoids this problem by keeping roti soft for long time. It reduces 40-50 oil if they are uses to make soft roti. Also above health benefits is added to roti.

Fortification of Atta:

This all features of Roti plus may add in to atta to increase the quality of atta. Roti plus is add by spraying it in to atta.

Recommended Dose: 0.3 -0.5 % on Wheat flour basis. i.e. 3-

5g for 1 kg wheat flour.


Khakhra is one of famous Gujarati products. Roti plus improve the crispiness & texture of Khakhra. Also reduces the oil contents used in processing.





Veg. Kerala Parotta:

A Parotta, is a commonly eaten bread in South India. This is not to be confused with the North Indian Paratha. Parottas are available in hotels and road side shops across Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. In Vegeterian Parottta eggs are not addad so quality of parotta decreases. If Roti plus add instead of Eggs in to parotta then quality of parotta gets improved as egg parotta.

How to use: