Milk Products

Milk is a complex food emulsion and colloidal solution. The emulsion is composed of fat droplets dispersed in an aqueous phase containing protein. The protein is in the form of both casein micelles, which are colloidal particles, and free in solution as whey protein.

During storage of milk fat comes to top as layer. If you add Verolac HE 60 as emulsifier then milk fat get emulsified in to milk & avoid layer on top. In processing of milk it Verolac HE time required to process.

This is effective in whole milk, flavored milk & other milk based products. In all milk products Verolac HE 60 acts as thickening agents.

Advantages of Verolac HE 60:

  • Decreases heat energy in boiling.
  • Increases stability of milk products.
  • Addition of Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids.
  • Increases digestibility of milk products.
  • Value Addition to products.
  • Natural Emulsifier.

Ideal For:

  • Flavored Milks
  • Recombined Milks,,
  • Concentrated Milks,
  • Evaporated Milks.
  • Sweet Condensed Milk.

Whipped Cream and Whipping Cream:

  • Whipping cream is an oil-in-water emulsion stabilized by adsorbed milk protein and emulsifiers.
  • Whipped cream is formed from whipping cream when air is incorporated into the emulsion to form a foam.
  • Whipping cream can be made by concentration of the milk fat globules found naturally in milk, or by a recombination process where amorphous milk fat is homogenized with milk proteins and emulsifiers.
  • The fat content of whipping cream is about 35% by weight.
  • Whipping cream emulsion must be stable enough to allow storage for several days at ambient temperature.
  • Verolac HE 60 is water soluble oil-in-water emulsifier which uniformly emulsify milk fat in whipped cream.
  • Verolac HE 60 reduces the surface tension at milk surface so air incorporation in more in whipped cream.
  • Verolac HE in whipped cream gives
    • Fine structure of whipped cream.
    • Uniformly emulsify milk fat in to whipped cream.

    • Air incorporation is more in whipped cream.
    • Stable for several days at ambient temperature.
    • Stabilization of fat globules which breaks into homogenization of milk.
    • Uniform mixing of sugar & other ingredients.
    • Natural Emulsifier.
    • Value addition to product.

Recommended Dose: Dose rages from 0.5 – 1 % of milk.