Butter, margarine & spreads is an emulsion of water in fat so it requires the use of emulsifiers having optimum HLB value . Hydrolysed soya lecithin-Verolec HE is water soluble having HLB value 8-11.
Verolac HE with other emulsifiers, such as glycerine monostearate gives….

  • Stable emulsion before crystallization.
  • Improve binding & texture.
  • Is excellent Anti-spattering, is highly suited to use in frying margarines due to its anti-spattering properties is used world over
  • Achieving a homogeneous product with good consistency and plasticity.
  • Improves Microbiological Stability: A fine dispersion of the water phase means better microbiological stability due to the fact that micro organisms can not survive in such a small droplets.

Verolac HE 60: Lysol 60

Recommended Dose: 0.2 -0.5 % on Fat basis.
performs very well in combination with other emulsifiers, such as glycerine monostearate.

Recommended in different Margarine:

  • Puff & Pastry Margarine.
  • Bakery Margarine.
  • Cake Margarine.
  • Cream Margarine.
  • Low Fat Margarine.