Fursan, Fafada & Namkeen

In manufacturing of Fursan & Fafda the basen (Gram flour) is the main ingredient. Fafda is one of the famous gujarati foods or Indian snacks. Fafda is made by Besan, Baking Soda, Ajwain, Turmeric Powder, oil and salt. Eat fafda with green chilly and tikhi chatni makes it mouthwatering and delicious. Addition of Roti plus in Fafada reduces the oil content in manufacturing process with increasing crispiness for long time.

Advantages of Roti Plus in Fursan & Fafda:

  • Reduce oil content.
  • Reduce Moeing time in process.
  • Uniform distribution of oil in Fafda.
  • Crispiness property of Fafda gets increased for long time.
  • Crispiness of Fafda increases.
  • Avoid hard texture in product.
  • Cost reduction in vegetable ghee.
  • Natural & Digestive.


General/Ordinary Process:

  1. Take basen & add oil with other spices.
  2. During adding oil they required time to mix uniform in Basen (Moeing).
  3. Add water & make dough.
  4. Finally give shape as per product.
  5. Frying in oil.

Modified Process with Roti Plus:

  1. Take basen & require quantity of oil.
  2. Mix water, oil & Roti plus with blender. (Roti Plus procedure here)
  3. Roti plus emulsify the oil in water, Roti Plus has HLB 8-11/20. Due to this small small oil droplets are formed and uniformly dispersed in to water.
  4. Add this emulsion with stirring in to basen & make dough.
  5. Finally, Shaping & frying in oil.

Ideal for…

• Sev
• Namkeen
• Chiwada.
• Other basen based products.