Animal Feed

The digestion & absorption of nutrients is important in mono gastric animal such as poultry, fish, aqua etc. In mono gastric animal, digestion & absorption is takes place in small intestine tract which gives less passage time i.e. 2 hours maximum.. In poultry & aqua length of small intestine is very less.

Use of standard lecithin hinders absorption of fat and fat soluble vitamins.

To overcome these problems, a product is required which has higher polarity. This could be obtained by hydrolyzing standard lecithin.

More hydrolysis of lecithin will not serve the purpose. Standard lecithin which is enzymatic hydrolyzed by highly technical process, gives consistent and desired end results.
VEROLEC HE is such a unique product containing LYSOPHOSPATIDYL CHOLINE having HL B value 8-11 with more polar nature and hence highly soluble in water.

Velolec HE is good feed additive with following advantages in animals:

Digestion & Absorption Enhancer:

When health & feed of bird is good then its absorption of nutrients is very important. Also intestine of poultry birds has small length & less transmit time, so it is important to absorb maximum nutrients in less time.
Verolec HE increases absorption of nutrients after digestion by improving the membrane permeability of lipid Bilayer membrane of small intestine

Good Source of LPC

VEROLEC HE contains 8 to 10 percent Lysophosphatidycholine(LPC)

LPL produced by hydrolysis of phospholipids It includes…

  • Lysophosphotityl Choline (LPC),
  • Lysophosphotityl Ethanolomine (LPE),
  • Lysophosphotityl Inositol (LPI),
  • Lysophosphatidic Acid. &
  • Other lysophosolipids.

As Oil/Water Emulsifier:

The problem of fat digestion is that process takes place in an aqueous environment as in GI tract. Although fat is not soluble in water. Lysol has more HLB value (9-11) so it has superior emulsification action in O/W emulsion (GI) than PLs due to formation of smaller micelles. Fine emulsification of fat in GI gives more digestion & absorption of fat in body of poultry bird.

Growth & weight Enhancer:

Absorption enhancer & fat emulsifier properties of Verolec HE increases growth rate & weight of poultry bird. Thus absorption of breakdown products i. e. amino acids, simple sugar, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals & other additive is optimized leading to efficient growth & production performances of Birds.

Uniform distribution in Feed:

In feed manufacturing process DOC, Oil, Vitamins, Minerals are used, which is not uniformly distributed in each and every pellets of feed and may result high FCR rate further adding up cost. Apart from LPC Verolec HE85 also has strong emulsion properties (especially oil in water) and leads to uniform mixing of all necessary nutrients in each and every pallets. Hence resulting to better FCR & body weight

Feed Additive:

* Verolec HE balance the ingredients in poultry feed by giving polyunsaturated fatty acids, choline, inositol, and organic phosphorus.

* It contributes to correct feed homogenization and to help fat catabolism. This leads to optimum energy efficiency and better farm operation.
Ideal for..

  • Poultry Feed
  • Fish Feed
  • Prawn feed
  • Shrimp feed
  • Other aquatic animal feed.
  • Pig & Pet Feed

Verolec HE In Compound Feed